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WordPress, the Perfect CMS?

Popular, easy to use, quick to deploy, high-performing, flexible, SEO-friendly, and cost-effective… Is this the perfect CMS? The solution has a significant drawback, its potential vulnerability when deployed as is with community plugins.

Expertime has the expertise and experience in deploying over 200 WordPress sites in more than 50 languages for major clients such as Pernod Ricard. Our infrastructure is fully secure and integrates with your ecosystem:

  • CRM
  • PIM
  • DAM
  • ERP
  • IMS
  • WMS
  • OMS
  • Data anonymization for GDPR compliance
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Custom Plugins

Plugins are both the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of WordPress. This system offers a high level of customization and simplified integration of services. But WordPress is a true jungle with its millions of community plugins.

It’s difficult to sort through the plugins that:

  • Are no longer maintained
  • Are not secure
  • Are paid and extremely expensive in the long term
  • Negatively impact performance
  • Don’t fully meet your needs and expectations
  • Are utilized at only 10% of their capacity

That’s why, to ensure the maintainability and performance of your systems, Expertime works with you to determine your business needs and develops custom plugins that evolve in line with your requirements.

Usine à Sites web

WordPress: A Website Factory

Expertime already has experience in creating a true website factory, allowing you to deploy your WordPress site in just a few clicks and seconds with a customized upstream that includes all security updates and plugins validated by our experts.

You will be able to:

  • Deploy a new WordPress site in a few minutes
  • Customize it using pre-determined templates and blocks that are easily adjustable
  • Create both an e-commerce site and a web campaign site, as well as a showcase site

The gains and benefits can be quickly measured:

  • Achieve economies of scale in creating your websites
  • Offer quality standards to your users
  • Save time in scoping and managing your web projects
  • Share development costs. A plugin or feature developed benefits all sites.
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Optimized SEO

SEO consists of 3 pillars:

  • Content
  • Technical aspects
  • Linking

We have expertise in the technical SEO of WordPress:

  • Compliance and recommendations for successfully passing the Core Web Vitals
  • Exceptional page loading speed and responsiveness
  • Use of CDN and recommendations for image usage and compression
  • Lazy Load
  • CSS minification
  • Optimized code
  • Microdata
  • Meta tags
  • SEO-friendly themes

Our Expertise

Expertime has been in existence since 2003 and boasts over 20 years of experience in web engineering, bringing together nearly 150 experts.

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We assist you in the upstream strategic phase. We define your expectations and collaboratively envision the services and interfaces that align with your needs.

UI - UX Design picto


We design efficient interfaces. We model the project with functional mockups. We then create a custom and customizable visual environment.


We integrate and develop our custom plugins, and utilize your own connectors and sources of information (APIs, feeds…)

Apprentissage et Tests


We provide a deliverable that has been pre-tested by us. All that’s left for you is to conduct your own testing, integrate content and data after training.

Insights & Analytics


We implement tracking tools (Google Analytics, Matomo, Tag Management Plan), quality monitoring (Google Search Console), and data visualization

Maintenance et Support


As part of website maintenance, we regularly update the site and its various components. This ensures its security and longevity.